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My name is Macey Nichter from Westport, Kentucky and I am 20 years old. I drive monster trucks all over the country in my truck, Stomper. To get to where I am today is far from easy. It wasn’t handed to me and I wouldn’t want it to be that way either. My father has been driving monster trucks for 27 years so I have always been around them as long as I was born.

Of course I always had an interest in trucks but never the same passion as my father. As time went on, I got more curious about the trucks and driving one as well. My father could see the growing passion in me but wanted me to start from the bottom so the reward would be that much greater. He started me out as taking pictures and cleaning the truck. I did that for many years until I started to understand how the truck worked and then I was promoted to crew.  Wrenching day in and day out on that thing. Years had gone by and I was starting to get discouraged that I was never going to get my chance. The summer of 2013, my father’s friend had asked me to drive one of his trucks on his team for the whole summer. That is what started the passion that continuously drives me today.

Now, I drive my father’s truck around the country putting faces on many kids faces and let little girls everywhere know that they can do anything that the boys can do as long as they don’t give up. People my age and younger will ask me how they can get involved and I always tell them my story. Work from the bottom because the reward will be that much greater when the time comes.